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Our mission is to help you reach your End Zone.


It usually starts with a general sense of dissatisfaction. With the way you look or move.  Maybe a lack of energy to be as active as you would like but can’t seem to get there.  Or you don’t like your job but feel like there is nothing you can do.  Let’s call solving these issues your “End Zone“.  This may have seemed out of reach, but joining and attending classes at CrossFit First Down will put you on a track to succeed.  We will show you the path and (along with yourself) hold you accountable.  You simply have to show up and execute.  First Down.

You will never be alone.  You’ll be working with 8 to 12 fellow CrossFitters and we promise you’ll be amazed at the support and good wishes for your success that is shared here.  There is no time for boredom or weary repetitive exercises.  You arrive, class starts, you are guided and challenged by your coach and supported by your team members.  You’ll work really hard and then - you’re done.  Time for a little laughter and friendship, enter your scores (oh yes - we keep track) and you are on your way.

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