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The Olympic lifts are highly technical and advanced movements that require strength, flexibility and coordination. These classes are designed to improve your efficiency and maximize your safety, as well as your 1RM!  Bad habits are often formed when these reps are performed at high volume, for time.  During seminars we'll break down each lift and focus on:


  • Strength: Specifically in Squatting, Pulling & Overhead Stability. Gaining strength in these three areas, as they are the foundation of the lifts, is sure to result in a PR (Personal Record).


  • Flexibility: Lifters need good flexibility at the shoulders, wrists, elbows, lower back, knees and ankles.  A deficiency here can make the lifts impossible to perform well.  We'll introduce effective mobility exercises to improve your ROM (Range of Motion).


  • Power/Explosiveness: The Olympic lifts place a lot of stress on the muscles of the upper & lower back, core, and legs.  A weakness may limit an athlete's performance on the lifts, or worse, result in an injury. It's important that all of these muscles be strong and explosive.


  • Coordination: Technical proficiency is a product of continuous refinement of a movement through repetition.  We'll utilize technical drills and accessory exercises to establish proper body mechanics and movement patterns.


  • Technique: Proper technique is absolutely necessary to be successful.  This element is what makes the sport challenging and often frustrating.  A great deal of patience and dedication are required to learn the Olympic Lifts.

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