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Nutrition is one of the most important factors to consider when you establish your goals.  A healthy diet consisting of clean, unprocessed foods, is the key to optimal health AND performance.  A healthy body can fend off sickness and is less susceptible to obesity-related diseases and is also able to recover faster. 


Diets are not "one size fits all."  An athlete's nutrition plan should be formulated with his/her goals, activity levels and lifestyle in mind.  WODIFY allows you to log your daily meals in addition to your workouts.  Your food journal can be sent to any of our coaches with the click of button. Your coach will review your submissions, free of charge, and guide you as we build a diet plan that works for you.  




Supplements can certainly help you make faster improvement in your strength and body composition, but before you consider taking any you should clean up your real food diet.  Once you've cleared that hurtle it's time to decide which supplements will benefit you the most.





Science tells us that creatine is the single most effective, safest, and most thoroughly researched supplement in history - and it’s good for everyone. It will enhance your strength development with zero negative side effects. Creatine has even been shown to improve mental function in the elderly. Creatine monohydrate is one of the cheapest supplements available. It's so easy and so good for you, there’s no excuse not to take it. Buy some creatine monohydrate and start taking it every day!





Your body needs Omega 3 fatty acids for all of life’s important functions: thinking, tissue repair, everything. Unlike that of our ancestors, the modern diet provides us with very little - Yes, even if you eat healthy as most CrossFitters do. Fish or Krill oil is the single best way to get the Omega 3s that your body needs. 


For optimum performance you should eat balanced meals from clean food sources, just as we recommend you eat every day - The amount will vary for every person.  Most athletes eat an hour or more prior to the workout to avoid nausea. Your performance will suffer if you don’t consume some fuel before the WOD, so make sure you’ve eaten a quality meal sometime in the 1-3 hours prior.



The objective of post-workout nutrition is to optimize recovery by replenishing glycogen stores and providing protein to begin tissue repair. This improves the results of your next workout, decreases hunger throughout your day, and improves body composition. The two things you absolutely need after your workout are:

  • Fast absorbing carbohydrate (fruits, berries, sweet potatoes, rice, even sugar)

  • Fast absorbing protein (preferably whey protein or egg protein)

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