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From our own experience in high school, college and even professional athletics we are aware of how much better prepared we would have been had there been a CrossFit based program as part of our training.

Training at these levels - especially high school and college, focuses primarily on sport-specific technique whether it be tennis, soccer, lacrosse, football, swimming or any of the other team and individual sports played throughout the World.  Comprehensive and focused Strength and Conditioning work is often left to the athlete or takes place in a minimally supervised setting.  There is just so much more that is necessary in order to maximize an athlete's potential while reducing the likelihood of injury.

CrossFit brings to the table greater speed, explosiveness and strength of movement across all sports.  Development of core strength is a major part the Athletic Enhancement program at CrossFit First Down.  Picture a tennis player or golfer striking a ball.  The technique which they've developed over years of practice produces a clean smooth swing with a proper strike.  The Core Strength developed with us produces the power necessary for the player to emerge as a truly superior competitor.

These same qualities generate an inner confidence and focus of purpose that all "winners" possess and may even be the most important benefit of the CFFD Athletic Enhancement Program.  We take a huge amount of pride in the development of our athletes - no matter the sport.  We are happy to work with individuals or groups.  The principles are the same.

"Olympic lifters are some of the most powerful, explosive lifters on the planet. They’re able to lift a lot of weight, and they’re able to do it quickly and explosively. That mimics football."


"It’s going to get your guys mentally stronger because they completed the workout."



 “90% of speed development is technique”.


-Gary Winckler-


"Olympic weightlifting movements are done quickly with heavier weight and require significant coordination and muscle control. That helps athletes with such quick movements as sprinting, jumping or firing off the line of scrimmage.  Olympic lifting results in a strong core and better coordination and balance."


-Derek M. Hansen- 

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