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Is CrossFit right for me?


Fitness needs for most of us differ only by degree, not kind, from those of professional athletes. The ten fitness domains mentioned in the CrossFit Program are important to both Olympians and our grandparents.  The same methods that evoke optimal performance in a professional athlete also generate positive results in the elderly.  CrossFit workouts are tailored to each individual.  Movements such as the squat both maintain functional independence and improve fitness.  

I'm already an athlete, why should I CrossFit?


Every specialized athlete has clear deficiencies.  CrossFit will target your weaknesses, and improving these areas will make you a dramatically better sport-specific athlete.  See our Athletic Enhancement Program.

Why is CrossFit so expensive?


At first glance CrossFit may seem unaffordable.  However, when you consider everything you get with your membership (and what people pay Personal Trainers) it's not expensive.  Our CrossFit memberships include:


  • Experienced and knowledgeable Certified CrossFit Trainers (and their personal contact info)

  • Group style personal training

  • A highly structured work out program

  • Competition with other athletes

  • Access to expensive equipment

  • A social club with like-minded individuals 

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Additional Services: skill seminars, Olympic Lifting classes, open gym hours and soon offering Yoga


Still don't think you can afford it?  Ask yourself this - How much did you spend at the bar last month?, or on fast food and restaurants?  People spend money on what’s important to them. The question is, what is important to YOU?

"You can't afford not to CrossFit!"  

"Pay now or pay later"

What is Rx?


RX refers to performing a workout at the prescribed (RX’ed) weight, repetition, and/or time.  RX should be used by conditioned CrossFit athletes. Many members scale the WOD at their coach’s direction to levels that are appropriate for their ability.

I’m a woman, will lifting heavy weights "bulk" me up?


There is a common misconception that lifting weights will give women massive shoulders and huge arms.  With CrossFit, you will have better tone and build lean muscle mass, but you will still look feminine - we promise!  

If I have a pre-existing injury, can I still join?


Yes!  Our experienced coaches are happy to modify your program to provide you with a safe, yet challenging, workout.  We can also suggest some accesory or mobilty exercises to help you work through your injury.


If you still have concerns check out these other classes we offer:


1-on-1 Intro Course (Pre-Season)

Personal Training Program

Should I take Supplements?


Paired with clean eating and adequate sleep, supplementing can help make faster improvement in your strength and body composition.  To learn more, visit our Nutrition page.

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